If you want to try out cannabis concentrates and experience the unique, intense high that they deliver, we are here to celebrate that choice!

If you’re still uncertain or have questions, that’s totally cool. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates, Anyway?

Concentrates are called ‘concentrates’ for a reason. They have a high amount of THC (or CBD), higher than you’ll find in other cannabis products, thanks to the highly potent cannabinoids and terpenes in their makeup.

Extraction Methods

Sometimes, cannabis concentrates are called cannabis extracts. That’s because a variety of extraction processes are used to create all the different types of concentrates.

The more you know about the methods of extraction, the easier it is to find the type of concentrate that satisfies your wants and needs.

Solvent Extractions

Solvent extractions separate and purify the compounds that cannabis produces by using ethanol, butane, hexane, and propane. This makes for complex compound profiles that give special attention to individual profiles.


With isolate concentrations, you can pretty much take out all the compounds that you don’t want, which makes for almost 100% pure THC or CBD. After the compounds are isolated and purified by the solvents we mentioned, they’re processed with heat and agitation, which makes the extracts crystallize.


The distillate process is a lot like the isolate one, but it doesn’t allow for full isolation, or 100% pure cannabinoids. So, a distillate extraction might not be as potent as an isolate. What people like, though, is the fact that distillates contain a wider spectrum of cannabinoids, so you get a more well-rounded high.


“BHO” stands for butane hash oil, and this term refers to any concentrate that only uses butane as the extraction.

Live Resin

You start live resin extraction by freezing the cannabis instead of drying it before extraction. Freezing makes for a gentler process of extracting terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds from the plant.

Solventless Extractions

Extractions can also be done without solvents, using heat and pressure, ice and agitation, or sifting instead. A lot of people prefer solventless extractions because there’s less risk of contamination.


Rosin is probably the simplest form of extract, being that you can extract both psychoactive and non-psychoactive compounds of cannabis with low heat and high pressure. When you extract rosin, you can’t isolate compounds or purify them, but people still like the process because it’s easy.


Hash is the external resin produced by the trichomes of a cannabis plant. The trichomes are to thank for the well-known sugarcoated look of the plant, and the trichomes and their resin can be collected and smoked dry in the form of kief. But with low heat and high pressure, kief will turn into hash.

Types of Concentrates and Their Characteristics

Now that you know all about extraction methods, let’s get into the terminology used to describe all the different types of concentrates, and the characteristics that each is known for.

Oil Concentrates

Oil concentrates are the thinnest and runniest type of concentrate and, because of that, they usually work best in weed vapes or dab droppers. The oil ranges from nearly clear to a very dark brown, has the consistency of honey, and is often called ‘sap.’

Wax Extracts

During production, a concentrate is whipped to add air to the substance and that creates a wax. Waxes range from thick and hard to soft and putty-like, with the consistency of frosting. It’s a little gross, but the easiest way to explain it is to compare it to the differentiations of ear wax.

Butter (or Budder/Badder)

Butter/badder is made in the same way that wax extracts are – by using air. But, when badder is made, more air is incorporated, which makes them even softer and fluffier. People like to dab with badder or use it in infused joints and blunts.

Crumble (or Honeycomb)

Crumble, as the name would suggest, is a powdery substance that falls apart easily. Some people like to smoke it on its own, but it can also be added to the concentrate on top of (or mixed into) a packed bowl of flower.


Shatter is glass-like, with translucent looks and a thin, brittle consistency. It looks a lot like caramelized sugar, and is most often used in dabs.


Crystalline looks like quartz crystals, which is pretty cool. It’s also called wizard stones, isolate crystals, or diamonds. A lot of people add these to homemade edibles or, if you’d like, you could consume it on its own.

Terp Sauce

Terp sauce has a high concentration of terpenes, as you might’ve guessed. To create it, add terpenes to isolate crystals. This improves the way they taste, smell, and make you feel. When someone refers to ‘sauce,’ they’re talking about terp sauce, and ‘sauce on the rocks’ means terp sauce with crystalline particles still present.

Get Familiar With Concentrates

There’s a whole lot to learn when it comes to cannabis concentrates, but Doja is here to guide you on the journey. We’ve got what you need to learn hands-on, too – a wide variety of concentrates to check out at our Portage location and in Watervliet.

Remember, no one becomes a weed expert in a day. It takes time, research, and a whole lot of practice. But practice is the fun part!

If you’re still curious, reach out or stop in and see us to hear more about all we have to share about cannabis concentrates. We can’t wait to meet you!

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