Dabbing is for stoners who want a super flavorful and sky-high experience. Let’s just say if you want to float in the clouds with a smorgasbord of amazing taste profiles, cannabis concentrate (what you smoke through a dab rig) is right up your alley.

Dabs are quick and they act fast. But you can’t enjoy the experience of dabbing if you don’t know how to set up your rig.

If you think you’re ready to get serious about dabs, we’ll let you in on the hype and share our best tips on how to set up your dab rig.

What is a Dab Rig?

You may have heard a dab rig also be called an oil rig or a dab pipe. It looks like a glass water pipe and it’s made specifically to consume oils.

Benefits of Smoking Dabs

What people like about dabs is the fact that they taste good, they contain fewer carcinogens than other methods do, and they’re ultra-potent. These three qualities create the perfect cannabis experience for many people.

Some more about that:

  • Dabs taste better.
    • Why? Because a dab rig doesn’t produce any chemicals, meaning there’s nothing to alter the taste of what you’re smoking.
  • Not as many carcinogens.
    • Like we said, dab rigs don’t create chemicals. They also don’t create any smoke. As long as you’re dabbing at the right temperature, you inhale more cannabinoids and less resin, which is much better all around.
  • They’re super potent.
    • Cannabinoid concentrates have about 50-80% potency, while bud has 15-25%. That’s a big difference.
    • This uptick in potency means you have to be careful when you portion it. Since different extracts have different THC concentrations, make sure you know what you’re smoking before you start.
    • Remember, start small and work your way up!

What You Need to Get Started

To make sure you’re using your dab rig the right way, you need:

  • The rig itself, of course
  • Your dabber (also called a wand, Harry Potter)
  • A rag or alcohol swab
  • A dab nail
  • A hand torch
  • A bowl of water
  • Tongs
  • Oil concentrate

How Do I Use My Dab Rig?

You’ve got everything you need. Now, it’s time to get started. Here’s how to set up your new dab rig:

1: Water the Chamber
Add water into the chamber of your rig. To ensure you have the right amount, try blowing some air into the downstem. If you can make the water bubble, you’re good to go. If water splashes back up at you, pour some out and try again.

2: Season the Dab Nail
If you have quartz or titanium dab nails, always make a point to season them. What does that mean? It’s simpler than it sounds.

A brand new nail contains fresh materials made of natural metals. To keep your vapors from tasting like metal (yuck), place the dab nail in the rig and heat it up with the torch until the nail turns red. Then, apply essential oil concentrate on the nail head. After it’s fully coated, remove it with tongs and place it in a bowl of water. Repeat this process two or three times to get a good coat of seasoning.

3: Prep the Dab
Pick up a small amount of herbal concentrate with your dabber (or wand), then set it aside. Handy tip: a little goes a long way, especially for dab newbies.

4: Heat the Nail
Use your hand torch to heat the dab nail. (Remember to keep the flame pointed away from the dab rig, or else you might crack the glass.) After the nail is red-hot, take the heat off and wait for it to stop glowing.

5: Keep Waiting
After the nail stops glowing, keep waiting – just a little bit longer. How long you wait depends on your preference, your personal oil rig, and your dab nail.

Once you get used to the process, you won’t have to think about the timing. But, in the beginning, it’s a process of trial and error. For sure, though, you should wait at least 10 seconds. Some people wait 20 or 30. You’ll figure out what you like eventually!

6: Put Oil on the Dab Nail
Once the nail is cooled to your liking, pick up your dabber and place oil around the nail. Take it slow and rub the oily end of the wand around the interior edges of the nail. As you’re doing this, pull air through the chamber. This will make the water bubble and produce the vapors you’re looking for.

7: Inhale
As the concentrate melts, vapors will fill the glass. Through the mouthpiece, inhale as those vapors come through the downstem, and keep inhaling until you don’t see vapors in the chamber anymore.

8: Exhale and Repeat
Once the vapors run clear, lower the rig and exhale. Inhale as many times as you’d like, but take it slow to avoid irritating your throat and lungs.

9: Clean Up
Use your hand torch to heat the end of the wand that touched the wax. It’ll only take a moment for the residue to become more liquid. Once it’s melty, just wipe it off with a rag or an alcohol wipe.

Setting up your dab rig might seem like a complex process – and honestly, it is, but it’s not difficult to get the hang of it. After a few rounds of practice, dabbing will come as second nature to you.

Types of Dab Rigs

There are a few different types of dab rigs, and finding one that works for you is all about understanding them and knowing what your needs are. Or, better yet, getting a few friends together and testing theirs out (after asking nicely, of course).

Here’s a quick rundown to get you familiar:

  • Glass Rigs

As the most traditional and common type of dab rig, glass rigs are used by people who like to smoke wax, shatter, or rosin dabs. These types of rigs are durable and they can withstand super high temperatures, and they also come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. With these, there’s truly a design for everyone.

One thing that glass rigs are known for is keeping the best flavor. So, if flavor matters a lot to you, check out a glass rig first.

  • Silicone Rigs

Silicone rigs are for people looking for something convenient and affordable. If you’re new to dabbing and you’re not sure if you want to invest in something major yet, use a silicone rig first. That way, you can get a feel for it without spending too much.

These rigs are easy to clean because they’re easy to take apart. It also makes them easy to transport!

  • Recycler Rigs

Recycler dabs are known for delivering the smoothest hits. Doesn’t sound like a bad time, right?

These dabs are crafted with an hourglass design, and they’re typically pretty big – most sit at over 8 inches tall. They’re called ‘recyclers’ because the smoke is recycled a few times through the tubes before it reaches you. That’s what makes it so smooth, because it does a great job at filtering any toxins and carcinogens that might be present.

If you’re a seasoned dabber who’s looking for a custom-made piece that will last a long time, consider a recycler rig.

  • Mini Rigs

Mini dab rigs are mini versions of any other kind you can buy. They can be found in glass and silicone alike, and they’re usually under 7 inches tall.

They’re small, but they’re mighty. They pack just as much of a potent punch as a regular-sized rig, so don’t underestimate their power!

  • E-Rigs

E-rigs are what you need if you want something that fits right in your pocket. This user-friendly model can even be taken apart and placed in a carrying kit. You can’t get much more convenient than that.

These rigs have awesome temperature control with a range of heat settings, so you can make your dab experience completely your own. They’re battery-operated (so you don’t need to use a torch), and rechargeable, which makes for a speedy heat-up time.

Dabbing With Doja

At Doja, we’ve got your back when it comes to learning new ways to smoke. If you’re new to dabbing, we’re here to take away the intimidation and welcome you with open arms into the community!

To get a good feel for what kind of dab rig fits you best, stop in and see us or get in touch. We’d be glad to hook you up with everything we know, and all the awesome dabbing products we offer, including the beautiful selection of Mothership Glass dab rigs available at our Portage location.

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