This time of year is dedicated to spending time with family and making special memories, but let’s not kid ourselves – no matter how old we get, presents will always be an important part of Christmas. And, if you’re anything like us, the most difficult part of the season is finding perfect gifts for the people you love.

If you’re a stoner buying for a stoner friend or family member, you likely have a few ideas already. But if you don’t partake in the hobby that just keeps on getting more popular, you might feel lost when it comes to showing your beloved stoner just how much you care.

The good news is that with the ever-growing legalization of weed, it’s becoming less stigmatized and therefore much easier to buy paraphernalia for those who enjoy it. In this gift guide, you’ll find a variety of cannabis products, accessories, and other useful things that stoners will be excited to find under the tree.

Snack Box Subscription

Even if you aren’t a marijuana consumer, you’ve surely heard of the infamous weed munchies. After someone smokes, they typically have a hankering for something sweet or salty, and there’s no worse time than right then to have a bare pantry.

Having a subscription box like Candy Club, MunchPak, or SnackSack delivered monthly is a huge lifesaver for stoners who love to snack (AKA every stoner that ever existed). It’s also exciting to see what kinds of new things come in the boxes when they show up.

Room Spray

Room spray comes in clutch for making the smell of a room more palatable to non-stoners after someone has enjoyed flower. Hey, even though stoners are into the smell, we get that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Room spray isn’t the most glamorous gift, it’s something they won’t regret having around.

Robot Vacuum

What’s one thing that stoners can’t help but leave everywhere they go? Crumbs. Whether they’re from weed or the snacks (see the last gift suggestion) they’re enjoying, you’d think they were trying to leave a trail to grandma’s house with how bad those crumbs can get. This holiday season, get them a robot vacuum (like a Roomba) for Christmas, so they can sit back and relax in a clean space. And hey, when you stop by, you’ll benefit from the robot vacuum too. The days of random crumbs sticking to your socks are long over.

Restaurant Gift Card

Sometimes, the munchies cravings go much further than snacks. After an especially hearty smoke sesh, every stoner knows what it’s like to want some real food. So, stop by Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, or whatever your stony-bologna’s favorite restaurant may be and pick up a gift card for them to use the next time their stomach starts growling.

Electric Lighter

Regular lighters are a thing of the past. If you’re shopping for a cannabis lover who likes living in the future, they need a rechargeable, electric lighter. These things are just as useful as they sound, and the user doesn’t have to worry about messing with a flame while they’re high. Crisis averted!

Hemp Crocs

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve definitely noticed that Crocs are back in style. Y2k is trending, which means that these clogs are too. And we can’t hate – they’re comfortable and go with anything (at least in our minds, they do). So, what could be better than Crocs decorated with hemp leaves? If the stoner in your life wears them to Doja, we guarantee that they’ll feel famous. Then, hopefully, that good word gets back to you for your amazing gift-giving skills!

Doja Gift Card

Sometimes you just have to keep things simple. And we can’t think of anything simpler than a gift card. Get your favorite stoner a $25, $50, $75, or $100 gift card and they can use it on whatever catches their eye in our store.

Doja Neon Hoodie

This hoodie is so much more than cozy and warm (although it is one of our favorite things to snuggle up in); it also has a snazzy design that lets your favorite stoner rep their favorite brand! With tons of sizes available, this hoodie with a neon design looks great on everyone who wears it, so whoever you give it to this Christmas will be over the moon.

Doja Bandana

Maybe your beloved stoner isn’t the hoodie type. That’s no problem! They can still stand out from the crowd by wearing a Doja bandana in neon purple, neon pink, or neon green. Or you might get them one of each color so they can wear whatever they feel like on any given day!

LED Glowing Rolling Tray

If your friend or family member is a flower aficionado, get them a rolling tray! Even better, you should get them a rolling tray with rechargeable LED lights on it, so they can see what they’re doing even in low light. (Because we all know that overhead lighting is the enemy, especially for people who enjoy the nocturnal life.)

Happy Holidays!

All of us here at Doja want you and yours to have a happy holiday season, and we hope that the stoner in your life gets everything they wished for this year. If you need more help finding products that are perfect for them, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and ask questions!

Photo Credit: Elsa Olofsson

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