The holidays are notorious for being stressful, and weed is one of the best stress-relievers you can find. What’s also pretty stress-relieving is knowing your family is cool with cannabis – but not everyone’s Aunt Janet is there yet, and we get that.

Whether you’re looking for ways to get high in secret around your fam or try out how it feels to smoke with them, we’ve got you.

Get High and Be Sly

It can be pretty difficult to fit cannabis into your routine when everything is turned upside down thanks to the holidays. While of course you want to get your smoke on, just remember to respect your family members if they live in a smoke-free home. That said, you can always find a way to be respectful and high simultaneously.

Think of a Code Word

Okay, this might sound a little silly. Actually, it is silly – but hey, it works. If you have some family members who partake and some who don’t,  figure out a code word when it’s time to go take a puff. Maybe a before-dinner walk is calling you guys, or you need help unloading a few things from the car… really big things that take a while to carry in. Code words (or phrases) let you stay inconspicuous!

Hide the Evidence

A code word is no good if you come back from ‘unloading the car’ smelling like a dispensary. Chew some gum, pop a breath mint, or spritz body spray to mask the smell – just avoid perfume, because, honestly, that’s more obvious than the smell of weed. If your eyes are red, opt for a few eye drops or even eye wash if you’re really worried about it.

Offer to Run Errands

Did somebody forget ice? Did we run out of beer? If you’re the first to jump at offering to run errands, you’ll get a few minutes to yourself to take a puff and blow off some steam.

Bring Your Pen

Let’s be honest, vapes are a lot less obvious than joints. Smoking a joint may smell really good to us stoners, but we guarantee your non-partaking family members will complain – and not all of them will believe that a skunk just got hit out front. The smell of vapes dissipate pretty fast, and you can toss them into your pocket in the blink of an eye.

Don’t Drink

Getting cross-faded is one of the best ways to start drama at a family function. Even if you don’t think it’s noticeable, it probably is, and it’ll just stir the pot in a way you don’t want, especially while intoxicated. Pick just one, weed or booze, not both!

Eat It or Drink It

You don’t have to think too hard about how to consume cannabis in front of your family. It can be as easy as sneaking an edible from your bag or even sipping THC-infused cola right in front of them (bonus points if you slip it into a drink koozie that makes it extra sneaky). Just don’t leave your products lying around, because the last thing you want is an unsuspecting grandparent or little cousin taking a sip or a bite.

Just remember that it takes a little while to feel the effects of an edible, so you might even want to eat one before the function starts.

Involving the Fam

Maybe you’re in a totally different situation and your family is open to the stoner way of life. If that’s the case for you, awesome! But just know that not every family member will be on the same level of readiness.

For the First-Timers

If you’ve got family members interested in trying out cannabis, the first thing you should do is educate them and open the floor up for any questions they might have. That way, they can feel secure when they try it out because it’s obvious you know what you’re doing.

Explain the difference between THC and CBD (a lot of people don’t know), listen to any concerns they might have, and ask them what kind of experience they’re looking for. That way, you can find products best suited for them.

Start slow and go at their pace. They should have the best first time possible, so they’ll keep wanting to come back and smoke with you!

For Once-Upon-a-Timers

We’re guessing that you already know who used to be a stoner back in the day. Connect with these family members before a get-together to make sure that you guys are on the same page about them trying cannabis again – so, once the day comes, you’ll both be ready.

These types of people are the perfect ones to make THC-infused treats with. Make sure the stoner food is sequestered from everything else (for obvious reasons) but you guys will be able to sneak in an extra high with your edible snacks, if that’s the route you choose to take.

Just because they used to smoke doesn’t mean they have a high tolerance, though, so you should still treat them like first-timers and go slow.

For the Never-Evers

There will always be people in your family who are dead-set against weed in any form. Even though it can be irritating, you still have to respect their choice – especially if the gathering is taking place in their home. It’s better to just let bygones be bygones than get into a debate and turn a chill holiday gathering into a cage match. After all, weed should lessen your stress, not amp it up.

Getting High This Holiday Season

We want you to have a great holiday. If that means staying high, we support you 100%! If you’re looking for supplies to get you through Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know where to go – our Portage, Muskegon, Watervliet locations have everything you’re looking for.

If you need advice on what weed products will make the holidays as enjoyable as possible, just reach out to Doja Cannabis and we’ll gladly help you through. This is called the most wonderful time of year for a reason!

Photo Credit: Craig Adderley

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